Micro Mobility Parcours
14 – 16 September 2021 Frankfurt am Main Take part


Micromobility – just a passing trend or an essential part of our future transport system? At the Micromobility
Course, e-scooters and cargo bikes are subjected to extensive testing.

A big opportunity for small vehicles

´Micromobility will play an important role on our way to the mobility split, which is urgently needed in cities and suburban areas as well.`

Danilo Kirschner

Micromobility is becoming increasingly important in metropolitan areas. For the first and last miles in particular, small (primarily electric) vehicles such as cargo bikes and scooters are seeing increasing use. Cargo bikes can already be used for 50 percent of all commercial transports. Therefore, traffic capacities, especially in cities and urban areas, need to be redistributed to account for these new realities.

Danilo Kirschner, Show Director of Hypermotion, considers „micro mobility to play an important role on our way to the mobility split, which is urgently needed in cities and suburban areas as well.” Hence, each individual can take an active role and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem because for short journeys, these mini electric vehicles offer a low-emission and cost-effective alternative to cars. And the fun of driving is guaranteed. That was demonstrated by the Micromobility Course at Hypermotion 2019.

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Micromobility Course

Besucherin bekommt Scooter präsentation

Again in 2020, there will be no restrictions on mobility for visitors at Hypermotion‘s Micromobility Course. Here, lightweight vehicles for transporting people and goods are presented and subjected to extensive testing. While trying out different types of e-scooters and cargo bikes, participants may discover their passion for micro mobility. Safety experts give counselling interviews and tips for a safe ride. Micromobility Course, here we go!

Impressions of Micromobility Course

Hypermotion 2019, Messe Frankfurt, Germany
Hypermotion 2019, Messe Frankfurt, Germany
Hypermotion 2019, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

E-Scooters – quicker than walking

Elektroroller wird Besuchern vorgeführt

On its triumphal march through Europe, the e-scooter has now arrived in Germany. What consequences the electric pedal scooters have for mobility is illustrated by the example of Vienna.

Micromobility: E-Scooter

Last year at Hypermotion

In 2019, the exhibiting company isicargo presented their broad range of services, from introductory counselling to operative application and after sales management. As a specialist for cargo bikes and urban mobility, isicargo aims at optimising working processes and making tomorrow’s mobility more sustainable. With over 25 models of cargo bikes, they offer new mobility concepts for factory traffic and provide solutions for cities’ cleansing departments, construction facilities, craft businesses and industrial companies.