Hypermotion Frankfurt 2022

Due to current market events and the requirements for our customers, we have decided not to hold Hypermotion Frankfurt this year.

Cargospeed capsuels

Hyperloop Technology

Transporting people and goods from A to B at high speed in a capsule - safely and without emissions. Hyperloop technology has the potential to revolutionise mobility and logistics in the future. How does the technology work? What innovations will be showcased at Hypermotion Frankfurt? Learn more:

Unlike conventional trains, the capsules of the hyperloop do not travel on rails, but rather in a vacuum. Magnetic fields are used both to drive the trains and to stop them. This eliminates friction, allowing hyperloops to reach speeds of up to 1,200 kilometres an hour. It sounds like something out of science fiction, but it may soon be reality. Virgin Hyperloop has already conducted the first successful test runs with passengers in the Las Vegas desert.

The hyperloop has a lot going for it: people can travel quickly and flexibly – ideally without any transfers whatsoever. Goods can be transported quickly from A to B – something that is very important in an age of same-day delivery. Nor should we forget that hyperloops have markedly smaller carbon footprints than do aircraft, for instance. Before hyperloops can be rolled out on a large scale, a transnational infrastructure must be established, a concept needs to be developed to integrate the Hyperloop into existing transport systems and, finally, its social relevance has to be increased.

These companies present their technology at Hypermotion Frankfurt:

SNCF at the heart of Hyperloop and all the rail revolutions


Leader of High Speed in Europe, SNCF brings its expertise and experience to the Hyperloop community to transform a vision into operational reality. With this commitment and constant technological watch, SNCF intends to be at the forefront of all technological breakthroughs, such as the use of magnetic forces, which could make it possible to reduce the braking distance and revolutionize referral systems.

HyperloopTT moves people and goods safely, efficiently and sustainably


US-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) was founded in 2013 and has a global team of 800 engineers working on the development of its hyperloop system. How does their technology work? In a size similar to a small commercial aircraft without wings, the company’s pressurized capsules float on a frictionless magnetic cushion within tubes. This allows the hyperloop to reach airplane speeds on the ground.

Zeleros’ scalable hyperloop routes

Hyperloop route

The European hyperloop company Zeleros will present technologies that are integrated into the vehicle to enable scalable hyperloop routes. This approach drastically reduces the cost per kilometer for infrastructure and provide a straight certification journey that shortens path-to-market. Zeleros is working with industrial leading companies such as Acciona, Airbus, Arcelormittal, CAF, Red Electrica, Renfe and mobilizing +180 people worldwide to bring the hyperloop to reality this decade.

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