Hypermotion Frankfurt 2022

Due to current market events and the requirements for our customers, we have decided not to hold Hypermotion Frankfurt this year.

Alternative Antriebstechnik

Alternative drive technology

How can mobility become greener in the future? New modes of transport such as air taxis or hyperloops are not the only answer to this question. Familiar ways of mobility by cars, trains, ships or planes do not have to disappear, but their drive technology has to change: instead of fossil fuels, more electricity, hydrogen or synthetic fuels.

There are plenty of alternatives to fossil fuels that are significantly more sustainable. The current challenge: there is not yet a solution that can be applied to all modes of transport. In urban areas, electric mobility in particular has recently gained momentum: More and more e-vehicles are in use there. In Germany, the registration of e-cars has recently increased significantly and has tripled in 2020 compared to 2019. Electric drives are also being used more and more for utility vehicles, especially in urban areas.

Yet electricity is not the only power source that can help us achieve a zero-emission mobility mix: synthetic fuels – also known as e-fuels – can also play an important role in future. E-fuels are produced from water and carbon dioxide using electricity and can be used in either gaseous or liquid form to power vehicles. Although they require a great deal of energy to produce, there are powerful arguments in their favour: be it for their transport, storage or use, e-fuels can utilise the very same infrastructures that serve combustion engines. This means not only that the existing transport and storage systems for oil can continue in use, but also that filling stations and fuel distribution networks can remain in operation. Hydrogen is also a new fuel that promises to bring changes to heavy and long-distance transport in particular. Even so, the question as to whether hydrogen will really serve as a key energy source for future mobility depends on how efficiently it can be stored and transported.

Future Mobility Park

Participants of Hypermotion Frankfurt can experience alternative drive technology live - in the exhibition, but also at the Future Mobility Park. Hypermotion and Automechanika will together presenting the experience and test circuit, which will provide a glance into the future of mobility: What new vehicles will we be driving in the future? How will they be powered? What innovations does logistics offer?

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