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The knowledge advantage – Hypermotion features a wide range of fascinating topics that are waiting to be explored. Network, expand your knowledge, and take advantage of the know-how offered by numerous experts. You can look forward to the following Hypermotion themes:

Themes of HYM 2021

Focus themes 2021

Urban logistics and mobility concepts

Micromobility auf der Hypermotion

Increased traffic is one of the results of urbanisation. To ensure that urban living remains attractive and to avoid congested streets, fine particulate pollution and noise, we need integrated concepts for logistics and mobility: micro-hubs, smart car-sharing models, micromobility in the last mile, drone transport, cable cars and underground solutions.

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Alternative drive technology

Alternative Antriebstechnik

The future of mobility belongs to electricity, hydrogen, biofuels and synthetic fuels. They emit significantly less CO2, making them better for the environment. Which technology is compatible with which type of mobility? What can be done to keep emissions to a minimum when producing fuels? What infrastructure is needed to make widespread use possible?

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Hyperloop technology

Transportsysteme der Zukunft

From Berlin to Munich in 30 minutes – this could be reality with hyperloop technology as the transport system of the future. The challenges: creating an international infrastructure, integrating the hyperloop into existing transport systems, and increasing its social relevance. All of these are topics that will be discussed at Hypermotion.

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Intelligent supply chains


COVID-19, Brexit and – most recently – the ‘Ever Given’ container ship have all highlighted the vulnerability and lack of transparency of global supply chains. The solution: intermodal and data-based concepts, such as AI-based applications and modern sensor technology.

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