VISION mobility THINK TANK on 26.11.2019

Increasing urbanisation demands new ideas for connectivity and transport. These will include various different ways of getting from A to B; and the traditional divisions between local public transport, logistics and privately used vehicles will become blurred.

Talks at Hypermotion Lab

Alternative mobility in the city: From owning to sharing – how to get where you’re going faster and cheaper in urban areas

Especially in the big cities "many roads lead to Rome" and meanwhile most of them are faster than with your own car. Long time "the own car" meant the fulfilment of all individual mobile dreams – but now it is replaced by smart apps. They ideally show with finger-tip how I reach my destination in the fastest, cheapest or also the most comfortable way. And these apps and their users are usually well suited to any (traffic) means – but here, too, blurring and delays cannot be completely avoided.  

Last mile: Engines off – new ideas from micromobility to cargo e-bikes

Particularly on the last mile, compact units are more flexible, faster and – above all – cheaper to use than existing means of transport. The new micromobility is supported by completely new – ideally highly intelligent – logistics and mobility concepts. This means that the issue of connectivity and infrastructure will have to change accordingly, because a fleet of freight bikes alone does not make a green city.


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Hypermotion Lab Talk

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