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© Chris Marxen, Headshots-Berlin
© Chris Marxen, Headshots-Berlin

The ‘Start-up Pitches’ offered 20 young and visionary entrepreneurs an appropriate platform on which to present their innovative products and ideas for ‘Mobility 4.0’ to a distinguished panel of adjudicators, composed of sector experts and capital investors. On 21 and 22 November 2017, there was a total of four ‘pitch sessions’ - two for each day of the fair with five start-ups at a time, who competed with one another in five-minute pitches. They were open to questions from both the panel and from the audience. At the end of the day, the adjudicators announced that day’s winner.

The panel – experts from all over the world

The panel of adjudicators consists of six personal transport experts from both the start-up end of the market and large-scale companies, of whom three will be present each day. The mix of perspectives, as between smaller start-ups and larger companies, is intended to guarantee a balanced judgement of the ideas.

Who is eligible to enter?

Start-ups involved in traffic, transport, logistics, infrastructure, big data, sustainability or ‘smart cities’ are invited to apply and to pitch their innovations. Their focus should be on digital networking of vehicles and infrastructure and should demonstrate a link with data use.

To be deemed a start-up, within the terms of this event, a company must be not more than 10 years old, have fewer than 50 employees and a total yearly budget or total annual turnover of not more than € 10 million. The start-ups should be based in Germany.

Pitches on 21.11.2017

re2you is a cloud-browsing platform that integrates any device into a user's digital ecosystem, making it possible to drag and drop any content or apps from any device to any other - even across incompatible hardware or operating systems. With re2you, any device becomes an intelligent device, and any device can be integrated to the user's existing ecosystem - so an Apple Watch can work with a smart fridge running Windows, or an Android car console, as easily as it works with your iPhone.

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PACE turns your car into a smartcar and makes driving more relaxed, cheaper and safer. It can connect most cars built from 1996 on to the driver's smartphone. PACE is a combination of and OBD2 Plug and a smartphone app. The PACE Link is using Bluetooth LE. Just plug it into the diagnosis port – the “OBD2 port” – of your car.

To the website of PACE Telematics GmbH

The MetriX Freight Dimensioning system accurately measures palletized freight within a few milliseconds. The transmission of the measured values (length, width and height) into the warehouse management system (WMS) is achieved by scanning a barcode. Alternatively, programmatic integration into the WMS is recommended. The dimensioning system can be used flexibly in the warehouse and has a minimal amortization period.

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The product of MotionTag is a B2B software platform for transport operators that can be integrated in pre-existing apps. It enables the clients to provide their customers with a seamless traveling experience: a single sign-on, a unified invoice automatically issued for all transport services used, a fair price based on the real usage and an automatic checkout to prevent passengers from forgetting to check out and paying too much for their journey. To enable this, MotionTag has developed a unique technology which automatically detects the transport modes based on machine learning on smartphone sensors.

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Intelligent machines, such as self-driving cars, need to see and understand the world around them to safely operate and navigate. Blickfeld develops unique laser range scanners (LiDARs) and object detection and mapping software. The LiDARs of Blickfeld create long-range, high-definition 3D images of the world. The LiDAR solution acts as a capable data source for autonomous driving and many further applications and industries. Realizing effective, robust and safe perception of the environment is now possible.

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Cabin Spacey is the company that offers easy access to experience accommodation at exceptional locations for urban mobilie people within a likeminded community. Therefore Cabin Spacey builts and rents minimal houses as innovative minimal living products.

To the website of CABIN SPACEY

Train Line Modems to transport any kind of data with up to 1 GB using only two existing cable connections. Presently only used to secure data exchange among multiple railway vehicles.

To the website of Picaso Systems GmbH

At drivo leap, we collect, process and mine data to enable new business models and enhance mobility as a service. Using individual behaviour and movement patterns, we focus on what really matters: the user. With advanced data science, we focus on applications that enable gamification, fleet, insurance and smart city applications that deliver the insights and intelligence that shape the future of mobility.

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Pitches on 22.11.2017

Gestigon developed a machine learning algorithm to be able to detect what is happening in the car. Therefore, the car of the future will be able to react in terms of comfort and safety - especially when it comes to autonomous driving. The product is called Oyster and uses 3D-data from a camera which is mainly located in the dome module. From this 3D-image given, we are able to detect poses, objects and movements from the driver and passenger seat. Gestigon has the goal to bring the "Interior Cocoon" to the market, which makes sure, that we feel like home as soon as we enter the car in the future. Therfore, different use cases such as a detection of a child seat, an object (e.g. a newspaper) or even the feet on the dashboard can be detected.

To the website of Gestigon

Disruptive, smart and highly efficient space-saving parking infrastructure solutions, sustainable mobility stations for autonomous vehicles or on-demand mobility as well as smart hardware, mobility & parking as a service models.

To the website of Maxiparking GmbH

blik creates a system for tracking load carriers in industrial settings. With blik, it is possible to keep track of items in real-time over the entire supply chain. blik's digital twin platforms creates a single source of truth for all item related data.

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Breeze Technologies helps cities and corporates to create a more livable environment by providing actionable insights based on environmental sensor data. Breeze Technologies offers a product-as-a-service in the form of a sensor coupled with a data analytics platform and an air quality solutions marketplace. The sensor is 1,000 times cheaper and 59,000 times smaller than the current systems to used. It also can measure all the harmful air pollutants listed by WHO with 90% accuracy in comparison to the current systems.  In addition Breeze Technolgies has reduced the need of manual recalibration through their proprietary technology that allows the sensors to calibrate each other.

To the website of Breeze Technologies

The idea of Loud Steps application is to make complex venues accessible for everyone including visually and hearing impaired, to provide venue discovery and navigation. Loud Steps calls this "virtual assistance": a responsive, interactive service, listening and talking over the phone with the users. A unique user-experience design, with such a graphical interface and a constantly improving technology provides accurate location estimation service, which is now able to provide a step-by-step navigation in the venue.

To the website of Boni İletişim ve Pazarlama AS

An easy way for developers to build apps and services for connected cars, and a way for OEMs to build an ecosystem for connected cars together with developers worldwide.

To the website of High Mobility

GETAWAY - The 1st technology-driven on-demand fleet of private cars
Unlock and enjoy any car immediately - all with your phone! Rates start at 30 Ct/km including insurance and fuel. No membership fees, no strings attached. Car owners can conveniently connect their cars to the GETAWAY fleet with one click whenever they park it and have it generate income while they are at work or on vacation. Any neighborhood from the biggest cities to the smallest villages could benefit from GETAWAY, having access to individual, convenient and affordable on-demand mobility.

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Chargery offers a green mobile charging service for electric cars in urban areas based on smart data analysis.

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M2MGo developed a toolbox to create everything, named PST. Connect IT + OT + API´s for your own need. Drag & drop your App or Portal for your users in the Backend. Generate your own Business Model!

To the website of M2MGo

InventAIRy is a solution for logistics, helping to automate inventory management and to get a digital twin of warehouses.

To the website of doks. innovation GmbH

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