New City Mobility


New City Mobility was the theme illustrated by eight companies specialising in electrified and connected cars at Hypermotion at stand 5.1 D60. In the case of Contact2Car, drivers connect with each other via number-plate to number-plate communication. In the case of, the car connects to the driver`s smartphone via an app. Spearhead AG has developed a solution that enables the car to communicate with the manufacturer and the insurance company. Interactive communication opportunities between drivers, their cars and workshops are offered by Austria`s motorCOACH with a solution comprising software, an app that drivers install on their smartphone and hardware (OBD adapter).

Charging systems and mobile charging stations for the electric cars on the stand – a Tesla Model X and a Hyundai IONIQ – are offered by Mainova AG und 8Energy respectively. Drive-Carsharing GmbH are showing electric car sharing solutions while the Automobilclub von Deutschland (AvD) offers information about accident and breakdown cover for electric vehicles.

Thus, visitors could experience practically the complete spectrum of New City Mobility.

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