Digitisation meets local public transport – opportunities for growth and more attractive services

The future of public transport is digital. For municipalities and publicly-owned companies, this offers tremendous potential, as well as huge risks – and it entails a great deal of work. KCW aims to provide publicly-owned companies with powerful support while helping them overcome obstacles and eliminate reservations. KCW’s goal: To make public transportation even better than it already is.

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The form that tomorrow’s mobility will take depends a great deal on the digitisation megatrend. Even today, the digital transformation is having a massive impact on the transport sector and on the mobility behaviour of travellers.

In future, the daily mobility routine might be considerably more convenient for users of public transport: Tickets that can simply be booked using mobile devices, or journeys that are recorded and invoiced entirely automatically; multimodal mobility programmes may eliminate the barriers between modes of transport, making it possible to provide convenient solutions for the final mile, with mobility as a service becoming the standard.

For publicly-owned companies and municipalities, digitisation offers tremendous potential, but also considerable risks. On the one hand, attractive public transport offerings improve the quality of life both in cities and in the countryside, making a material contribution to the achievement of ambitious climate targets. On the other hand, the public sector increasingly finds itself competing against powerful players from the private sector, thereby endangering its ability to shape and control developments. Furthermore, not all measures promising to deliver improvements throughout digitisation are actually worthwhile. Some ‘innovations’ are nothing more than hype, and more likely to cause harm than deliver benefits, while for others, their time simply has not come yet. On the other hand, the failure to implement a key innovation can quickly result in falling so far behind that catching up becomes impossible. The digital revolution is moving so quickly that it is causing uncertainly in the public transport sector.

KCW is convinced that digitisation can help both users and providers of mobility services to link various means of transport – so that individual mobility, as well as transport systems as a whole, can be rendered more efficient, attractive and environmentally friendly. For all these challenges, KCW works with its clients to find sensible solutions that are tailored to requirements.

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