Vision Mobility Think Tank

Talks in the Hypermotion Lab on 21 November 2018

Think Tank at a table

Tomorrow’s mobility – how will we move in the future? Increasing urbanisation calls for new connectivity and mobility concepts, which will integrate several types of motion and abolish the classic distinction between public local transport, logistics and private vehicles. This trend is confirmed by a variety of new mobility concepts being developed at high speed by vehicle manufacturers on the one hand and independent suppliers or new digital players on the other hand.

How to achieve quicker and more streamlined customer delivery. New vehicle and logistics solutions for complicated, city-based deliveries.

With online sales continuing to boom there is a corresponding growth in parcel shipment volumes. At the end of the supply chain are the courier services and their delivery agents who need to manage the torrent of packages. More sustainable and quicker solutions are essential. Many different approaches do exist, but the challenge is to scale them up. New entrants are looking to revolutionise this area of city-based logistics e.g. with dual powered, electric cargo bikes combined with micro-depots.

How compact vehicle units and sharing models can create more space and make cities quieter.

New types of vehicles are reclaiming the city centre, successively replacing existing units that are sometimes much larger and heavier. In many cases cars and trucks have been shown to be uneconomic – the least we can do is share them. One more way to reclaim space and make the city a quieter place to be.

As electromobility grows, so does the number of more simple, quicker and more intelligent charging solutions.

Smart charging, snack charging, fast charging – as electromobility grows, so does the charging sector to keep up with demand. This think-tank aims to show the most interesting and most relevant new developments – from the classic charging by cable and card to inductive solutions by which vehicle and charging station recognise each other.

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