Hypermotion Lab

Hypermotion Lab

The Hypermotion Lab is the platform and future-oriented opportunity for newcomers and for fascinating expert talks. Young mobility and logistics companies will present their business ideas and projects in elevator pitches while finalists from renowned companies compete for the coveted Supply Chain Management Award. Additionally, founders will discuss their fail / success stories while investors give potential entrepreneurs tips for founding a company.

Look forward to a variety of interactive formats which bring you in contact with newcomers and and visionaries:

‘New Space’ discussion

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With the New Space Germany Initiative, Interstellar Ventures aims to strengthen Germany as a leading international location for commercial space travel, as well as to further expand Germany’s new space eco system and connect it on a global plane.

At Hypermotion, Interstellar Ventures will hold a two-part talk round and, in the first part, show how mobility, transport and smart cities already make use of space-travel applications today. The second part will focus on commercial space travel, especially spaceports, sub-orbital and inter-planetary transport and commercial exploration of the moon and Mars. The talk round will pay particular attention to the potential for innovation at the interfaces of space travel, mobility, transport and smart cities.

Workshop ‘Tools for Founders’


In the ‘Tools for Founders’ workshop, Karolin Hewelt and Simon Ueberheide of RCKT agency for digital communication explain the essentials of founding a start-up, which obstacles need to be overcome and how to break into the market. RCKT supports brands and companies in this digital age and, as the, is the driving force behind the Digital Hub Initiative of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie – BMWi).

In addition, you can expect the following exciting events:

  • Fail / Success Stories on 21 and 22 November 2018
  • Presentation of the 2018 Hessian State Prize for Universal Design on 20 November 2018


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