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Sustainable Urban Mobility

Focus theme: Green city instead of ban on diesel vehicles?

Green City Masterplan Concepts — ‘Green City Plans’ could make bans on diesel vehicles unnecessary  

A marketplace is planned within the exhibition, where the details of ‘green city master plans’ for around 60 German towns and cities can be presented and discussed. Towns and municipalities will demonstrate their role as drivers of the transport revolution, as well as documenting the development and progress of their projects.

Over a third of greenhouse gases and airborne pollutants in Hesse are caused by road traffic. And the trend is upwards. In this connection, diesel vehicles meeting only lower Euro emissions standards are a fundamental problem. Hence, bans on diesel vehicles are threatened by many cities where levels of air pollution are particularly high. Given the continuous increase in road traffic, municipalities need assistance if they are to bring down the ever-higher levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and atmospheric particulate matter.


To help the cities concerned reduce pollutant levels and ensure a sustainable and emission-free mobility in the long term, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur - BMVI) launched its ‘Immediate Programme for Cleaner Air, 2017-2020’. With the aid of funds from the German government, cities in which the EU air-pollution limits are regularly exceeded can prepare ‘Green City Plans’, i.e., master plans for the prevention of air pollution, which bundle measures to reduce NO2 levels and can be implemented over the short, medium and long term.

As the funding body, the BMVI has in cooperation with the organisations running the project defined priorities within the framework of which the measures are to be prepared and structured:

  1. digitalisation of road traffic
  2. local public-transport connectivity
  3. cycle traffic
  4. road-traffic electrification
  5. urban logistics

Green-City-Masterplan Concepts at Hypermotion

At this year’s Hypermotion, there will be a market place for the exchange of information and the presentation of Green City Master Plan concepts. Thus, the market place will be a first-class networking platform. To ensure an efficient and productive transfer of knowledge for sustainable urban mobility, the s=mc² - Smart Mobility Conference + Communication – is combining the conference, exhibition and workshops for the development and implementation of the Green City Master Plans with 60 German cities.

s=mc² - Smart Mobility Conference + Communication

To accompany this, the “s=mc² - Smart Mobility Conference + Communication” event will take place on 20 and 21 November 2018.

The increasing pollution caused by mobility and logistics in our cities must be reduced through new and sustainable measures.

Today, municipalities, cities and regions in particular play a decisive role in shaping future transport/mobility concepts as drivers of the current traffic turnaround. The tracks of events "s=mc² - Smart Mobility Conference x Communication" show the development and implementation of the Green City Master Plans from 60 German cities.

The exhibition with adjoining conference consists of two parallel, interlinked tracks - Green City und Digital Regions - and focuses on the defined five Green City focal points (digitalization of transport, networks in local public transport, bicycle transport, electrification of transport/E-mobility and urban logistics). Both cities and companies present their concepts/solutions for individual focal points each year.

A joint panel discussion of both conference tracks on the topic of infrastructure & financing will conclude the series of lectures. s=mc² therefore serves as an annual knowledge marketplace and -exchange.

more about Smart Mobility Conference + Communication

NUMBR1 Award

In addition to the green city masterplans, sustainable mobility in urban centres is also promoted by the NUMBR1 Award. This award is presented by the public transport magazine Nahverkehrspraxis powered by Hypermotion and celebrates intelligent concepts for the future of public transport.

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