EXCHAiNGE – The Supply Chainers‘ Community 2018

Management 4.0 - New Work & Digital Business

Participants at EXCHAiNGE-Veranstaltung

EXCHAiNGE, the renowned international event for supply-chain management, finances, logistics and purchasing, is coming to Hypermotion. In 2018, the 6th meeting of the supply-chain experts and operating officers will be held for the first time within the framework of Hypermotion in Frankfurt, to discuss Management 4.0 subjects regarding new work and digital business.

Digitalisation creates the foundation for new business models and services, some of which can even be disruptive. Supply-chain officers are called upon to be the initiators and driving forces of innovation processes. This includes a cultural revolution, which cannot be brought about by adopting a soft line or without decisive organisational changes. But what does a culture look like, which can hold its own in the face of accelerating processes and changes coupled with great complexity and uncertainty? These and other challenges will be tackled by EXCHAiNGE participants in sessions, supply-chain simulations and discussions.

Supply Chain Management Award 2018

Supply Chain Management Award 2018

A special highlight will be the presentation of the Supply Chain Management Award at EXCHAiNGE. The coveted award, to be given by Strategy&, the strategy consultancy of PwC, and LOGISTIK HEUTE trade magazine on 21 November 2018, honours outstanding SCM concepts that have been developed and implemented by manufacturing companies. There, they make a decisive contribution to delivery-chain optimisation, reduced costs, increased transparency and improved collaboration. These solutions improve efficiency and point the way for other companies. For the 13th time, the focus will be on exceptional concepts and supply-chain managers.

The battle for the Supply Chain Management Award 2018 has begun. The deadline for receipt of entries for the Supply Chain Management Award 2018 is 17 August.

20.11.2018 Finalist presentation and finalist talk

21.11.2018 Supply Chain Management Award ceremony and show

EXCHAINGE – Finalists - Pitches

Supply Chain Best Practices: Details behind the scenes

In 2018, for the 13th year running, the Supply Chain Management Award will shine a spotlight on unique concepts and extraordinary supply chain managers. The presentations by managers and decision-makers from the competing companies in the Finalists Forum offer insights into best practices that truly live up to the name: They have proven to be the best in practice.

Matthias Pieringer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, LOGISTIK HEUTE, HUSS-VERLAG GmbH

EXCHAiNGE – Supply Chain Simulation

How collaboration and interdepartmental cooperation breed success

Participants have a one-hour supply chain simulation to turn around “The Fresh Connection,” a fruit juice company that is being squeezed by economic turbulence. A new team of purchasing, production, sales, and supply chain managers is tasked with identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in the value chain.

Can the participants apply their expertise and team spirit to get the company back to a positive return on investment?

The simulation features a voting session with all participants, live decision-making, and immediate implementation.

Andrea Walbert, Managing Partner, and Stefan Hoogervorst, Director of Education, both of PMI Production Management Institute GmbH

EXCHAiNGE SCM-Award Finalists Talk

Start-ups, Corporates or Customers: Who is actually doing the Innovation?

The logistics industry is poised to uniquely benefit from the digital transformation. Those who emerge here as drivers have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the value-adding processes of other sectors as well.

But where and how do the trend-setting innovations happen? Who manages to define the new wave of services and business models? What will be the role of new, outside players? Will we see entirely new business sectors emerge?

Klaus Krumme, Managing Director, ZLV Center for Logistics and Traffic at the University of Duisburg-Essen

EXCHAiNGE – Conference

EXCHAiNGE – Session 1: Sustainable supply chains
Can customers and logistics players find common ground?

Many elements of today’s logistics services are not compatible with sustainable business practices. Critical customer target groups have different priorities: They care more about speed than sustainability. E-commerce has brought about a rapid acceleration of delivery times, but this comes at the price of much more traffic and greenhouse gas emissions.

What answers must we provide? What kind of solutions and services will change hearts and minds? Or is it the customer who calls the shots in the end?

Klaus Krumme, Managing Director, ZLV Center for Logistics and Traffic at the University of Duisburg-Essen

EXCHAiNGE – Session 2: Culture and mindsets for the digital transformation
Reinvigorate your business by eliminating barriers to innovation?

How do we manage to introduce fundamental, “disruptive” innovations into the supply chain? What we need are teams that see the complex challenges as an opportunity and can move proactively. They also need to develop a routine amid a climate of uncertainty, ambiguity, and rapid change.

But the path to success is a bumpy one. It requires changing how “culture” is defined and practiced. The speed with which the digital transformation is implemented is a critical factor in its success. How do we manage to get ideas and insights to take hold within each link in the chain?

Who and what are we actually waiting for to initiate a successful long-term cultural shift?

Bettina Bohlmann, business psychologist and supply chain expert, Managing Partner of 3p Procurement Branding GmbH

EXCHAiNGE – Session 3: Digital disruption
How are big data, blockchain, and AI changing traditional business concepts and organizational models?

Those who understand the technology behind big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence recognize the benefits and the unique opportunities they bring. The goal must be to generate insights early on and use them as a basis for decisions that help the company evolve and penetrate new network chains and markets.

By digitizing operating processes, we free people up for other assignments. Artificial intelligence can provide support for strategic tasks. This inevitably has an impact on the interaction of departments and organizational models: Disciplines that were traditionally separated are brought together, and silos are broken down: This is an absolute prerequisite for success in the highly competitive markets of tomorrow.

The challenge for leaders who want to innovate is to take the time to reflect on these issues.

Bettina Bohlmann, business psychologist and supply chain expert,
Managing Partner of 3p Procurement Branding GmbH

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