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20 – 22 November 2018 Frankfurt am Main Registration

Themes & Events

Hypermotion Lab

At the Hypermotion lab, pupils, students, start-ups and young professionals will exchange ideas and information with visitors about ‘Next Generation Mobility’.



Hypermotion will bring together the next generation of software, hardware and UX specialists who want to conquer the market with their innovative concepts. At the Hackathon, developers, engineers and designers can experiment with exciting technology, make new contacts and test their skills in the friendly competition for attractive prizes.


Start-up Pitches

Pitches offer start-ups, entrepreneurs and visionaries the ideal platform for presenting their disruptive ideas to a jury of renowned investors.


Hypermotion Talks

At the HypermotionXlab informative and entertaining talks with researchers, senior managers, executives and entrepreneurs will generate further impulses.

The VISION mobility think tank on 20.11.2017 with three talk rounds deals with the question: Tomorrow’s mobility – how will we get about in future? More talks will take place on 21. and 22.11., covering topics such as digitalisation in public transport and demand and attitudes to mobility offers in Germany.

Architects’ Workshop – Living the Region. FrankfurtRheinMain

Architects’ Workshop – Living the Region. FrankfurtRheinMain

New transport concepts open up new design opportunities in town and country alike. Designs for the personal transport of the future will combine availability, environmental friendliness, functionality and aesthetics. In the Architects’ Workshop, which is taking place as part of Hypermotion, the focus will be very much on new concepts for personal transport and new typologies for dwellings and housing developments. Under the auspices of the German Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt (DAM), five internationally renowned architectural firms will be involved in developing alternative concepts, basing their ideas on the Rhine-Main region as an example.

Building Culture Workshop: ‘Infrastructure. Innovation. Building Culture’

Layout: Heimann + Schwantes for the Bundesstiftung Baukultur
Layout: Heimann + Schwantes for the Bundesstiftung Baukultur

On 20 and 21 November, the German Building Culture Foundation, together with German Railways (DB Netz AG) and in cooperation with the Federal German Foundation for the Environment, will be organising the workshop on building culture, ‘Infrastructure. Innovation. Building Culture’, in Frankfurt am Main.

The workshop focuses on the quality of the processes, procedures, engineering and design of (transport) infrastructure. Alongside consideration of the impact of infrastructure plans on regional housing development, the event will also look at opportunities for guideline procedures and the creation of neighbourhood identity. In addition, the workshop, which is to take place as part of the Hypermotion trade fair, will deal with new concepts for personal transport and infrastructure that impact positively on the efficient use of land. And we should like you to join us in the discussion of the key areas of emphasis: ‘Planning and building of infrastructure in relation to urban development’ and ‘Stations and district development’. What tasks need to be completed and how can ‘building culture’ contribute to the success of infrastructure plans and the associated housing developments?

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