Synergies between Hypermotion and Automechanika

Two events taking place at the same time in the same place – from 14 to 16 September 2021, pioneers and innovators from the fields of mobility and logistics will be meeting the automotive aftermarket. What are the advantages of holding these two events side by side for Hypermotion and Automechanika participants? In what areas are beneficial partnerships and alliances particularly likely to form?

Users and developers from the fields of mobility, logistics and the automotive aftermarket all come together in a single location

  • At Automechanika, Hypermotion participants will find customers and areas of application for their products and services in the fields of mobility and logistics, which can offer significant competitive advantages for the automotive supplier industry.
  • At Hypermotion, exhibitors and visitors from Automechanika can find smart solutions for all the challenges entailed by decarbonisation, digitalisation, disruption, and decentralisation.

Shared themes at various levels

The automotive industry is a leader in the mobility industry, while automotive logistics account for a significant share of the logistics industry. Together, they create solutions for each other. As a result, the same challenges and issues are important to each.

´There are fascinating technological interfaces between the Automechanika and Hypermotion events, including alternative drive systems, lightweight materials and construction, IoT systems, the creation and optimisation of resilient international logistics chains, and much else besides.`

Danilo Kirschner


Mobility Supply chain of automotive supplier industry
  • Alternative drive systems, synthetic fuels, and e-mobility
  • Employee mobility, for example the use of new car-sharing programmes and other mobility services
  • Fleet management, financing, optimisation of company fleets
  • Electric buses for shuttle services to/from/around company premises, e.g. from local public transport stops
  • Charging infrastructure and micro-depots, e.g. for the optimisation of employee parking
  • New transport connections and integration and networking via intermodal solutions
  • Predicted service for reliable just-in-time and just-in-sequence deliveries
  • Deployment of intelligent drones, forklifts, and cargo bikes for internal material transports or inter-site transports
  • Deployment of new mobile communications solutions such as 5G for monitoring or managing the containers, loading equipment and/or vehicles in use
  • New container technologies for integrated transport chains or new transport solutions
  • New Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) solutions for direct and indirect material and spare parts requirements
  • Deployment of cobots in production
  • 3D printing solutions for fast aftersales on site
  • Better data connections and data use for processing transports (customs, requirements, schedules, etc.)

Future Mobility Park: Test and experience circuit

Future Mobility Parcour

Participants in the Automechanika and Hypermotion events will be coming together in the Future Mobility Park. This communal area at the centre of the exhibition grounds offers a platform for networking, exhibiting innovative solutions, and testing new products.


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