Hit the ground running with an optimum trade fair concept and stand

You need a stand, but not just any stand – your stand.
Creative stand construction, good planning and streamlined logistics are the foundation for your trade fair success, so what could be better than entrusting your trade fair presentation in Frankfurt to Fairconstruction, Messe Frankfurt’s stand construction firm?

Benefits for your planning: From the development of the very first concept to the organisation and implementation of the architecture, Fairconstruction boasts invaluable insider expertise that comes from working in its own venue. The advantages for logistics: Short distances mean lower costs – something that is good for your budget.
You can count on us to take care of the entire undertaking – including every last detail – so that you can approach the event with confidence. With Fairconstruction you are able to rely on a trade fair construction partner that is there for you right from the start, and that is able to react flexibly to all the challenges a trade fair entails. 

Fairconstruction – Messe Frankfurt’s trade fair construction firm – offers a wealth of advantages for your trade fair presentation:

  • Many years of experience with trade fairs and customised stands of all kinds and sizes
  • Personal consultation from experienced stand constructors and interior designers
  • Numerous components can be booked quickly and easily using our online configurator
  • Fair prices and the elimination of transport costs thanks to our presence on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds.
  • Flexibility necessary to execute orders received at short notice
  • Rapid set-up and dismantling service that minimises your costs
  • Extensive range that extends from attractively priced standard furniture to high-quality designer pieces
  • Reliable on-site service 

Make sure you are well prepared for the trade fair with perfect stand engineering

Preparing the stand engineering

Travel to Frankfurt with your mind at ease – we’ll make sure that all of the technical components work together seamlessly. Because your stand’s technical facilities are an area where a great deal of experience and expertise are required.

We can offer you:

  • electricity and water
  • communication and presentation equipment
  • WiFi solutions and
  • a visitor registration system
  • as well as a wide range of additional technical services.

Further information about the individual technical solutions can be found here.

  • Getting everything from a single source minimises the coordination required and provides you with greater certainty:
    -> Decades of experience with trade fairs and exhibitors coupled with extensive knowledge of customers’ technical requirements.
    -> High-quality products and expertise, and the reliability this entails.
  • Having everything in one place means greater savings for you:
    -> No additional delivery costs.
    -> Grouping services allows you to benefit from economies of scale.
  • Having everything in one place means you save time:
    -> All of the technical components are stored on the exhibition grounds, ensuring that they are available at short notice.
    -> If there are technical difficulties, our experts are at your stand quickly.

Find out more here.

Order your stand engineering service today

Order your stand engineering service at the Shop for Exhibitor Services

You can order stand engineering easily at the click of a button using the Shop for Exhibitor Services.

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Rental furniture, stand equipment and furnishings, and your stand – form and function in perfect harmony

Rental furniture, stand equipment and furnishings, and your stand – form and function in perfect harmony

We offer you a large selection of rental furniture and customised stand equipment and furnishings – regardless of whether you require a comprehensive package or targeted additions, we will be happy to provide you with our support.

And no matter what style you prefer – practical, elegant or distinguished – we have it in our range.

Further information about our rental furniture, stand equipment and furnishings can be found here.

Stand services and service personnel for even more contacts

Stand services and service personnel

Professional stand services such as stand cleaning and security and service personnel can all help make your trade fair a success. Focus on your guests – we’ll take care of everything else!

To find out more about individual stand services and friendly service staff, please click here.

Available immediately: New furnishing and equipment options for you

Messe Frankfurt is continuously expanding its range of products and services in order to make it easier for all exhibitors to prepare for the trade fair and enjoy a successful event.

Fire extinguishers

Feuerlöscher einfach und direkFire extinguishers delivered directly to your stand with no complicationst an Ihren Stand geliefert

Convenient, easy to operate and affordable: Our “AB-Schaum” foam extinguishers are the perfect fire extinguishers for your stand.

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