smc:smart mobility conference, 26. – 28.11.2019

The smc will take place for the second time at Hypermotion. It also represents a marketplace at the Hypermotion and acts as a future forum for concepts, solutions, products and knowledge transfer for sustainable urban mobility. It combines specialist sessions, exhibition, workshops and interactive elements.

Smart Mobility Conference Logo

In the streamlined structure of the Hypermotion 2019 conferences – with three concentrated, parallel conference tracks – the smc is designed as the link between logistics (EXCHAiNGE and LDC! Logistics Digital Conference) and mobility (German Mobility Congress) with a focus on new mobility and innovations in cities and regions.

The smc is the core of the Hypermotion content and is coordinated closely with the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). The smc topics take into account the focus areas defined by the BMVI as well as the impact on urban development in cities and regions.

The smc has four core modules which consist of four sessions (two parallel conference modules at day 3) and covers the following subjects:

26.11.2019 smc:impact
What digital infrastructure is needed to achieve our mobility, climate and environmental goals?

  • i:1 Digital Infrastructure
  • i:2 Data Protection & Data Security
  • i:3 Environment & Climate/Decarbonisation
  • i:4 Data-based Traffic Planning & Control

27.11.2019 smc:revolution
How are new drive technologies (such as electric drives and fuel cells) changing our transport systems/public transport and individual mobility? How can the city be seen as an energy storage?

  • r:1 E-Mobility & Alternative Drives
  • r:2 Automated Driving
  • r:3 Connectivity, 5G, C-ITS
  • r:4 Urban Logistics

28.11.2019 smc:evolution
Which concrete steps lead us into the future of mobility? How does system migration succeed?

  • e:1 Multimodality & Value Chains
  • e:2 New Mobility Platforms
  • e3: Micro Mobility & Bicycle Traffic
  • e:4 Smart Regions

28.11.2019 smc:transition
Which innovations will influence the mobility market in the near future?

  • t:1 Trends & Innovation
  • t:2 Trends & Disruption (Fraunhofer Mobility Infusion)
From data to services: High-performance communication systems and the availability of relevant data are prerequisites for new mobility offers
  • t:3 New Mobility Services/MaaS
  • t:4 Brave new world?

The Fraunhofer Mobility Infusion (sessions t: 1 and t: 2) is organized by the Fraunhofer Traffic Alliance as an integral part of smc.