Smart Mobility Conference + Communication, 20. – 21.11.2018

The increasing pollution caused by mobility and logistics in our cities must be reduced through new and sustainable measures.

Today, municipalities, cities and regions in particular play a decisive role in shaping future transport/mobility concepts as drivers of the current traffic turnaround. The tracks of events "s=mc² - Smart Mobility Conference x Communication" show the development and implementation of the Green City Master Plans from 60 German cities.

The exhibition with adjoining conference consists of two parallel, interlinked tracks (Green City/Digital Regions) and focuses on the defined five Green City focal points (digitalization of transport, networks in local public transport, bicycle transport, electrification of transport/E-mobility and urban logistics). Both cities and companies present their concepts/solutions for individual focal points each year.

A joint panel discussion of both conference tracks on the topic of infrastructure & financing will conclude the series of lectures. s=mc² therefore serves as an annual knowledge marketplace and -exchange.


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