Logistics Digital Conference (LDC!) on 22.11.2018

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In the digital age customers place high demands on transparency, service level and flexibility of logistic services. The supply chain has long since been confronted with new IT challenges. Not just the timely provision of data to track the movement of products and goods is important, but also the ability to analyse this data quickly. Three sessions organised and chaired by the publications LOGISTIK HEUTE, LOGISTRA and Transport will demonstrate new approaches and benchmarks.

Session 1: Machine learning, intelligent supply chains. Opportunities, risks and examples of how artificial intelligence can be applied in the supply chain.

Why artificial intelligence will change the future of supply chain management.

The market for products and applications using artificial intelligence (AI) is growing worldwide. AI has now entered the production and logistics sectors. A distinguished panel of experts will discuss questions, including: In which areas of today’s supply chain management is AI no longer science fiction, but already science fact? In which topic areas could AI significantly improve processes in the future? Where are the limits and risks for the application of AI?

Session 2: The future of freight transport: climate objectives and cost pressures are a challenge for the sector.

How and why will freight transport change and what opportunities will emerge from these changes?

Not only city-based logistics but also long-distance freight transport will need to adapt to economic and ecological changes. The second session of the LDC! invites a panel of technical experts to discuss questions including: How can long distance transport companies become more efficient in terms of CO2 emissions and cost? In which drive technology should these companies invest. Do new business models offer an opportunity? What role will networking and intermodal traffic play?

Session 3: Start-ups in logistics and transport: opportunities and risks of the new digital platforms for freight forwarders and shipping agents.

How start-ups are revolutionising logistics and transport – and why this is not the end of the world as we know it.

The ability to translate digital ideas into technologies and new business models gives you a head start on other companies. The sectors of logistics and transport are no different and often start-ups are taking the lead in all things digital. Do newcomers present a threat that conventional market players should fear? Or can established transport and logistics service providers also learn something from these dynamic young companies? And what would your own digital business model look like?

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