Forum Public Mobility on 20.11.2018

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Public transport protagonists have to innovate in order to be successful in the long run. Digitized distribution and information services or multimodal mobility platforms offer an innovative pathway. Often however, the mere basics of public transport do not function properly. With App meets Reality we want to analyze the necessary basics for travelers to perceive public transport services as attractive and modern. We also want to discuss how existing offers can be further developed into the "Smart Mobility" vision.

Session 1: Mind the Gap, App!

When virtual reality doesn't match actual reality How we can close the gaps to improve public transport.

Digitization should improve public transport services. Every company has their own app, e.g. DB Navigator offers a comprehensive digital service package for rail passengers. But the available services are often too complex and furthermore not always reliable. In Session 1 we clarify which basic services must function well in any case so that travelers perceive public transport services as attractive and modern -- and ultimately use it. In particular, we want to discuss the conditions that have to be met to drive digitization  in public transport. 

Session 2: Apps and beyond

MaaS, Seamless Travelling, Seamless Payment. How far have we come with Smart Mobility? What are the barriers? What do we aim for?

Public transport is under enormous pressure to respond and act, the development (some say revolution) of mobility services is accelerating fast. Authorities and public transport companies must initially build and secondly make clever use of their innovation capacities in order to increase the attractiveness of their transport services. In Session 2, we discuss how current services can be further developed and how the "Smart Mobility" vision could be achieved eventually. Which obstacles have to be overcome? What needs should public transport meet in order to gain new customers? Is competition between different mobility providers advantageous or risky? And for whom?

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