Hypermotion Frankfurt 2022

Due to current market events and the requirements for our customers, we have decided not to hold Hypermotion Frankfurt this year.


scalex – Supply Chain + Logistics Excellence Conference

Scalex conference took place on all three days of Hypermotion from 14-16 September 2021 – live in Frankfurt and virtually.

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What opportunities do digitalisation and crisis-proof supply chains bring? This question was the focus of scalex. Therefore, the topics of resilience, innovation and performance were illuminated in expert lectures and panel discussions with interactive audience participation. In particular, far-reaching, drastic changes such as digitalisation, Covid-19, Brexit or de-globalisation trends were included in the discussion. What do we want to do differently, better, faster, more digitally and more sustainably to successfully transform supply chains – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally?

What is the right goal – what are the best solutions – and what routes must we take to successfully transform cities, regions, companies and supply chains? Participants found answers to these questions at scalex:

Conference programme

Day 1, 14.09.2021 scalex: Resilience in Global Supply Chains

Corona has made the issue of resilience in global supply chains even more important. Goods that were always available are becoming scarce - and new products need new solutions and are opening up new markets. What precautions need to be taken against supply chain disruptions? What advantages do cross-border supply relationships bring? How can resilient, international logistics chains be optimised through customer centricity and how can data be better connected?

09.30 – 11.00 Official opening of Hypermotion

11.30 – 13.00 scalex 1: Market outlook – customer-centric supply chains

14.00 – 15.30 scalex 2: Big Data – AI and advanced analytics

16.00 – 17.30 scalex 3: Microfulfillment - buzzword or a serious trend?

Day 2, 15.09.2021 scalex: Hypermotion X Automechanika – green, lean, smart

Which innovative solutions are being used throughout the supply chain of the automotive supply industry? How are procurement, production and distribution being smartly managed? Are intermodal solutions creating optimal connectivity? Which solutions optimise and secure the mobility, transport and logistics chains? How does container technology contribute to the solution? What conditions must be met for just-in-sequence deliveries?

09.30 – 11.00 scalex 4: Intralogistics – LEAN supply chains by innovation solutions

11.30 – 13.00 scalex 5: Service logistics – SMART after-sales & MRO

14.00 – 15.30 scalex 6: Transport logistics – GREEN future / New logistics concepts

16.00 – 17.30 scalex 7: Contractual logistics – Transformation in logistics for new Business in industry, retail & services

Day 3, 16.09.2021 scalex: Logistics Performance Infrastructure

How are different modes of transport linked within a transport chain? Where do the points of connection of global supply chains occur? Which infrastructure is decisive for intermodal transport? What are the prerequisites for optimal logistics hubs and where do they already exist? How do they ensure the utilisation of transport capacity?

11.30 – 13.00 scalex 8: Intermodal transport – World class logistics hubs, networks & services


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