scalex conference – Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence

The scalex conference is taking place in Germany for the first time as part of Hypermotion on 12 November 2020.

Scalex Logo

The focus is on Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence, and discussion will centre on the exploration of resilience, innovation and performance. These topics have gained increasing urgency due to the far-reaching and radical changes taking place today, including as a result of COVID-19, Brexit and recognisable moves towards deglobalisation. Various perspectives will be illuminated in specialist presentations and moderated panel discussions in which the audience is able to participate. By integrating a wide range of players from business, science, research, cities and municipalities, the event maintains a broad perspective, and each session is followed by extensive opportunities for sharing experiences and ideas.

Conference programme on 12 November 2020

What things do we want to do differently, better, faster, more digitally and more sustainably? What is the right goal – what are the best solutions – and what routes must we take to successfully transform cities, regions, companies and supply chains? You will find the answers to these and other questions at the sessions comprising scalex:

Session 1: Resilience in global supply chains

Session 2: Digital and urban logistics

Session 3: Logistics performance Infrastructure

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