10 – 12 November 2020 Frankfurt am Main Take part

6th German Mobility Congress, 10 + 11 November 2020

‘Climate change, digitalisation, coronavirus – what will our mobility look like in future?'

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Climate change and the results of the ongoing coronavirus crisis will be the biggest challenges of the next years or even decades – and digitalisation will have a crucial role to play in the search for solutions. What measures must be implemented to make traffic and mobility more environmentally friendly so that we can achieve our climate goals? At the 6th German Mobility Congress, experts, scientists, entrepreneurs and politicians will join forces to develop solutions for future mobility.


Keynote address: What is the current status of climate change?
... A prominent climate researcher provides information

Keynote address: Climate change and the coronavirus – assessing their overall impact on society

Lunch break and opportunity to visit the trade fair

Panel discussion: What is the current status of the transport industry? 
... Company representatives share their assessments of the situation

Panel discussion: The political situation
What political framework and/or regulatory measures do we need right now?
... Representatives from the political sphere and associations discuss this topic

Keynote address: European policy
Keynote address: Financial policy

Climate protection as a driver of innovation for the economy
... New approaches in the mobility economy

Lunch break and opportunity to visit the trade fair

FutureLAB Climate
Is the mobility transition starting to reach young people in Germany?
... Students, young academics and young professionals discuss this topic

How can mobility be achieved successfully in spite of the crisis and the challenges posed by climate change? Will digitalisation offer a solution?
… Prominent researchers introduce possible solutions

A look back and a look ahead

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