Logistics Digital Conference (LDC!)

In the digital age customers place high demands on transparency, service level and flexibility of logistic services.

That was LDC! 2019

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Hypermotion focuses on the interfaces between mobility and logistics. We need fresh new minds and innovative new systems to make the digital logistics of tomorrow faster, safer, more transparent, and more sustainable. Three sessions at LDC!—organized and moderated by the publications LOGISTIK HEUTE and LOGISTRA along with the initiative Die Wirtschaftsmacher—highlight benchmarks and new paths forward.

The Hypermotion platform brings together previously disconnected communities into a forward-looking network. Listening, participating, driving forward new innovations together: Hypermotion was born for this! The Logistics Digital Conference, bringing logistics expertise to Frankfurt, opens its doors on November 28, 2019. The primary theme of “Innovation for Logistics” is complemented by three interlinked sessions.

Session 1: BMVI launches “Logistics 2030” innovation programme

LDC! Conference

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is convening a “Logistics 2030” commission made of up scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and representatives of professional associations to discuss the key issues facing the industry. The commission will address eleven issues, including digital infrastructure, intermodal digital transport management, the professional world of logistics, alternative drive systems, smart rail (including digital upgrades and equipment with the European Train Control System), the Inland Waterway Transport Master Plan, innovation in air freight, and last-mile logistics. The three central themes of Hypermotion 2019 will also be discussed: urban logistics, digital transformation of municipal transport systems, and multimodal mobility platforms.

Session 2: Flagship projects for logistics

LDC! conference

This session presents visionary flagship projects that harness state-of-the-art technology to streamline the logistics of tomorrow. Logistics depends on reliable, end-to-end connectivity for seamless communications across the entire global supply chain, from the manufacturer all the way through to the end customer, even in remote rural areas. Logistics companies are quite demanding in their expectation of strong connectivity to wide area networks with low investment and communications costs, a long service life, and worldwide coverage.

Session 3: Economic movers and shakers | logistics heroes

LDC! conference

No one doubts the critical role that logistics plays in the success of any business. The challenges facing logistics professionals in the manufacturing, commercial, and logistics services sectors are becoming more daunting each year. But the logistics sector has an image problem, and the looming shortage of young talent and experts is just one consequence. That needs to change. The initiative Die Wirtschaftsmacher (“economic movers and shakers”) and image campaign Logistikhelden (“logistics heroes”) are part of the solution. Die Wirtschaftsmacher hopes to achieve its ambitious goals with the strong support of all logistics stakeholders, including business partners, professional associations, and organizations.

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