Hypermotion Frankfurt 2022

Due to current market events and the requirements for our customers, we have decided not to hold Hypermotion Frankfurt this year.

VISION mobility THINK TANK auf der Hypermotion


On 14 and 15 September 2021, experts will discuss future-oriented ideas and approaches to the mobility of tomorrow in the VISION mobility THINK TANK. HUSS VERLAG is putting these two topics on the agenda:

VISION mobility THINK TANK auf der Hypermotion

The themes

14 September 2021: The car’s new role – a shared device to maximise freedom

Connected, electric and shared – why less cars will be and have to be enough in the future to remain mobile and free.

Worldwide, cars are parked around up to 95 percent of the time, which means they only serve to make us "mobile" five percent of the time. They also require a lot of space and resources. It's time to change that. In the THINK TANK, we want to show numerous approaches on how mobility can be fundamentally rethought in order to make us "mobile" again – but without being in the way and unnecessarily producing CO2.


15 September 2021: E-cargo bikes can carry the load

Why electrically assisted cargo bikes serve the final mile better and are the perfect complement.

In logistics, in combination with microdepots, but also with many urban trades or delivery services, lightweight cargo bikes are rapidly gaining ground. They are agile, efficient, do not get stuck in traffic jams and produce almost zero emissions. In addition, many of the booming delivery services depend on punctuality, which is increasingly difficult to achieve with motorised vehicles. With cargo bikes, the cycle path can be used, parking directly at the delivery point is usually no problem, second-row parking, with all the implications for traffic safety and traffic flow, is no longer necessary. And with electrification, the technical possibilities for using e-load bikes for larger and heavier freight are also increasing. We debate the potentials, but also the limits of a rediscovered means of transport with experts and manufacturers.