VISION mobility THINK TANK auf der Hypermotion


In 2020, the HUSS-VERLAG’s VISION mobility THINK TANK is focusing on the topic of ‘Alternative mobility in cities’. Here, experts will be explaining and discussing new ideas and approaches in the fields of mobility, connectivity and infrastructure.

VISION mobility THINK TANK auf der Hypermotion

Programme 2020

In the first THINK TANK on 10 November, the topic of discussion will be how to intelligently control grid capacity and connected load using smart charging and load management. The event will demonstrate that even large fleets can get by with low connected loads, explaining how energy needs to be distributed and the ways in which it can be stored.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on our mobility, and on start-ups in particular. Yet it is these newcomers that have the flexibility and enthusiasm necessary to withstand crises and completely revolutionise mobility. In the second THINK TANK on 11 November, selected start-ups from various mobility sectors will present their approaches and solutions accompanied by behind-the-scenes insights.

Lightweight electric mobility has a very important role to play in future, be it through sharing schemes with e-scooters or electric motor scooters, or in logistics with e-cargo bikes or category L7e light electric vans. The third THINK TANK on 12 November shines a spotlight on this rapidly growing industry, showcasing a few providers whose concepts promise environmental and financial benefits while debating the potential of LEVs.

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