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Make way for innovative and disruptive concepts. Be it panel discussions, tech talks, start-up pitches or think tanks – Hypermotion-Lab is the meeting point for newcomers, experts and inventive thinkers, who would like to change the world with their projects and innovative technologies in a revolutionary way.

Panel discussion

„Thinking out of the Box!“ – these disruptive concepts were presented and discussed in 2019.

Hypermotion 2019, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

The air taxi opens up a new and previously unused dimension of urban public transport that has the potential to become one of tomorrow’s mobility trends. Innovative companies, such as Ehang, Lilium and Volocoptor, have already successfully tested air-taxi prototypes and they are certain this new form of transport has a bright future. Accordingly, experts debated, inter alia, the following questions in a fascinating panel discussion: are air taxis the public transport of the future? How will they revolutionise the way we move around our conurbations? And what must happen so that air taxis can become reality here?

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Does the Hyperloop and its technology represent a future-oriented alternative to road and air transport? Representatives of Hyperloop and railway companies will take an in-depth look at the issues involved. The experts believe in the potential offered by this futuristic means of transport thanks to its ability to transport people and goods rapidly and sustainably. Therefore, the panellists discussed the biggest challenges in designing and building a European Hyperloop infrastructure and how it could be integrated into existing transport systems.

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Everything in this panel discussion revolved around the subject of artificial intelligence whereby the experts firstly asked what exactly a cyborg is. Just looking for a definition reveals a wide range of opinions: are cyborgs people with technical aids that expand their abilities to such an extent that they stand out from their contemporaries? Or are they people that consist to a large extent of artificial elements and can, therefore, do things beyond the scope of humans? Be prepared for a fascinating discussion and learn the extent to which man-machines are already reality in this day and age.

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Start-up Pitches

Start-up Pitches

With the start-up pitches, young entrepreneurs and visionaries have the opportunity to present their projects and ideas concerning mobility 4.0 in front of a renowned jury consisting of industry insiders and investors. The start-ups compete with each other in several sessions. Afterwards they answer the questions of the jury and the audience. At the end of each day, the jurors announce who is winner of the day.

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Impressions of start-up pitches 2019

At the start-up pitches 2019, the start-up companies ViveLaCar and Truck Norris came out as winners and received a stand package (stand space of 9 m²) for Hypermotion 2020. Synfioo and Zeitmeilen AG came second and won a marketing package by Gründerszene including two tickets for “Spätschicht”. The third-place winner goFLUX received a voucher worth EUR 350 for a seminar at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Hypermotion 2019, Messe Frankfurt, Germany
Hypermotion 2019, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Participating start-ups

All participating start-ups are listed in the exhibitors search in the Special interest section. And as well in the Hypermotion navigator app .

Selection of participating start-ups


Vision Mobility Think Tank

Increasing urbanisation demands new ideas for connectivity and transport. These will include various different ways of getting from A to B; and the traditional divisions between local public transport, logistics and privately used vehicles will become blurred. In 2020, the VISION mobility THINK TANK will be devoted to the subject of alternative mobility in cities.

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