Hyperloop Conference

Premiere in Frankfurt: On 16 September 2021, the Hyperloop Conference took place for the first time. Presented by Hypermotion and Mother Earth Ventures, it brought together all the key players from the Hyperloop ecosystem.

Josh Giegel, CEO & Co-Founder, Virgin Hyperloop

The Hyperloop Conference brought together researchers, start-ups, transport companies, political representatives and investors from all over the world at the Hypermotion in Frankfurt on 16 September 2021 and provide a platform for exchange and discussion. The focus was on questions such as: What are the latest technological developments? What does it take to implement a Hyperloop infrastructure? How can Hyperloop technology be integrated into existing transport systems? What challenges await a large-scale roll-out? And finally: How can acceptance in society be increased?

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Conference programme

The agenda of the Hyperloop Conference included a variety of formats with exciting topics around the ultra-high-speed transport of tomorrow. Besides a HYPERLOOP SAFARI/DEMO SHOW the participants looked forward to the following programme:


Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (Source: Daniel Biskup)

Andreas Scheuer

Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (Source: Daniel Biskup)

Josh Giegel, CEO & Co-Founder, Virgin Hyperloop

Josh Giegel

CEO & Co-Founder, Virgin Hyperloop

Thomas Jarzombek, Commissioner for digital industry and start-ups, Economic Affairs Ministry

Thomas Jarzombek

Commissioner for digital industry and start-ups, Economic Affairs Ministry

Keir Fitch Head of Unit Rail Safety & Interoperability

Keir Fitch

Head of Unit Rail Safety & Interoperability – DG Move European Commission

Diana Zhou, Senior Director of Global Business Development, Virgin Hyperloop

Diana Zhou

Senior Director of Global Business Development, Virgin Hyperloop

Denis Tudor,CEO & Co-Founder, Swisspod

Denis Tudor

CEO & Co-Founder, Swisspod

Andrés de León, CEO, HyperloopTT

Andrés de León

CEO, HyperloopTT

David Pistoni, CEO & Co-Founder, Zeleros Hyperloop

David Pistoni

CEO & Co-Founder, Zeleros Hyperloop

Milan Chromik, CEO, Nevomo

Milan Chromik

CEO, Nevomo

Panel discussions

Hyperloop Conference Panel 1
Hyperloop Conference Panel 2


  • Diana Zhou (Senior Director of Global Alliances and Policy Virgin Hyperloop)
  • Mars Geuze (CEO & Co-Founder Hardt Hyperloop)
  • Milan Chromik (CEO Nevomo)
  • Thijs Smit (Innovation Manager NS)
  • Fabien Letourneaux (Director Innovation SNCF)
  • Thomas Jarzombek (Beauftragter des BMWi für die Digitale Wirtschaft und Start-ups)


  • Alix Martinot-Lagarde (Deputy Chief Industry & Innovation Officer Rail Logistics Europe)
  • Erik Wirsing (Vice President Global Innovation DB Schenker)
  • Andrés De León (CEO Hyperloop Transportation Technologies)
  • Lucienne Kross (Thematic Lead Smart Buildings & Cities EIT InnoEnergy)
  • Joachim von Winning (Executive Director, Air Cargo Community Frankfurt)
  • Frank Busse (Associate Partner HPC Hamburg Port Consulting)
  • Vlad Iorgulescu (Chief Operating Officer Swisspod Technologies)


In the afternoon, participants will discussed current industry topics and developed Hyperloop solutions in eleven different master classes.


While one frequently hears the term „Hyperloop“, many people do not know what this actually means. The hyperloop joins modern modalities such as cars, trains, planes and ships as a new type of transportation. It is a system of tubes in which a low pressure is maintained. This makes it possible to protect this very high-energy system. The goal is the faster and more reliable transport of people and goods. In our masterclass, we survey the current state of the development and work on the Hyperloop system, while explaining the reasons why this technology will come to fruition.

  • Dominik Härtel (Business Developer, Hardt Hyperloop)
  • Lucienne Kross (Thematic Lead Smart Building & Cities, EIT InnoEnergy)

An analysis of the hyperloop vision with a focus on long-distance energy-efficient ultra-high-speed transportation on the European continent.

What would a European hyperloop infrastructure look like? Which specifications for the hyperloop infrastructure are obtained when considering the use cases of European operators? Which objectives can be set for research, industry, operators and policymakers in Europe?

  • Gabriele Semino (Head of the TUM Hyperloop)
  • Lukas Eschment (Institute of Hyperloop Technology)

Hyperloop systems have the potential to transform the way we deliver goods, enabling same-day deliveries, later cut-off times, reduced warehousing square footage, and lesser environmental impact. To make this vision a reality, hyperloop systems must be designed for interoperability with existing and future logistics technologies, from trucks to drones and everything in between. In this masterclass we will discuss the future of delivery and brainstorm how hyperloops can play a transformative role.

  • Thierry Boitier (COO, Transpod)
  • Zach Lamothe (Senior Business Analyst, Transpod)
  • Fabien Letourneaux (Director Innovation, SNCF)
  • Bertrand Minary (Chief Industry & Innovation Officer Rail Logistics Europe)

Hyperloops are an inspiring vision of ultra-fast green mobility. However, this type of solution may not be immediately applicable everywhere. The real challenge is to find a sustainable technical upgrade to the current railway infrastructure that allows the railway sector to make a smooth transition to a next-generation technology. At Nevomo that we have come  up with such a solution.

  • Johannes Braun (International Advisory Board Member, Nevomo)
  • Kasia Foljanty (Co-Founder & Product Design Director, Nevomo)
  • Stefan Kirch (Magrail Business Development Director, Nevomo)
  • Dr. Giuseppe Carcasi (Team Leader Studies & System Innovation - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana - RFI)

While many people are talking about single routes for vacuum transportation, customers will always be looking for journeys that go beyond centre-to-centre connections. In which cases will passengers choose vacuum transport as their means of transportation? How can we create a network that tailored to the customer’s needs? This masterclass uses the latesttransport simulation data to picture and discuss one possible mobility vision for 2050.

  • Dominik Scherrer (Project Manager „TwinTube“, Eurotube)
  • Dr. Jennifer Berz (Senior Project Manager Corporate Strategy & Digitalization, Fraport AG)

Adoption of accessible ultra-high-speed transportation for freight has several spill-over benefits that are separate from faster travel speed: hyperloop freight transport will directly and positively affect freight travel time, reliability of service, operating costs, safety, noise and air pollution, carbon footprint, and maintenance effort. Michael Hengst, HyperloopTT’s Head of Operations invites participants to work on the key drivers for evaluating and generating business cases for hyperloop freight routes, with the aim of creating awareness of why investments in hyperloop freight routes make sense.

  • Michael Hengst (Head Operations and Acting Safety Lead, Hyperlooptt)
  • Gerlinde John (Project Manager Hyperport Cargo Solutions, HHLA Hamburger Hafen & Logistik)

Capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX) are key factors for the assessment of new transportation systems. Due to their system specifications, CAPEX and OPEX will differ substantially between high-speed rail, magrail and hyperloop. NEVOMO and ZELEROS will present corresponding use cases and benchmark the results with KPIs from high-speed rail.

  • Ottmar Grein (Rail System Senior Consultant, DB Engineering & Consulting)
  • Przemek Paczek (Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Nevomo)
  • Luis Navarro (COO, Zeleros)

What if there is a new mode of transport? Which standards and regulations must be applied? What if there are no standards? What will be the right level of detail at this early development stage? What are the risks and opportunities for the different companies developing their ideas – and what are the risks and opportunities for the public sector? What are the expectations? Where can the rail and aviation sectors help with their experience?In this Masterclass we will discuss the current situation in the field of standards and regulations for an hyperloop system and try to answer some of these questions.

  • Frank Buchmann (Head of Department, DB Netz AG)
  • Dr. Georg Schober (Head of Transportation, TÜV Süd)

What if you could design a new mode of transportation – entirely from scratch? What functions and features would you prioritise? How would you ensure that passengers feel comfortable integrating this novel technology into their daily lives?

As the head of passenger experience at Virgin Hyperloop – and the first passenger on a hyperloop! – Sara is working to integrate empathy into engineering. Join her in this masterclass to identify potential obstacles to social acceptance and discuss a vision of future transportation that is safe, intuitive, comfortable, and welcoming to all.

  • Sara Luchian (Director of Passenger Experience, Virgin Hyperloop)

For the future, we aim to achieve a fully-developed network, consisting of sustainable connections. In the meantime, we have to lay a cornerstone by rendering a proof of concept for an initial hyperloop route. Which connection is suitable to begin with? How can its construction be realised? And how can we go from there, to develop a comprehensive European hyperloop network? In this masterclass, you will have the opportunity to work with the DB E.C.O. Group and Zeleros to develop ideas for the realisation of the first route and, thus, the foundation of Europe’s hyperloop network. We will present ideas for the first projects and are looking forward to discussions and exchanges.

  • Dieter Michell-Auli (Chief Sales Officer, DB Engineering & Consulting)
  • Katharina Dieck (Consulting, DB Engineering & Consulting)

For Hyperloop to become a success as a new mode of transport, the requirements are clear:convenience, speed, energy usage, carbon footprint, safety and cost, to name a few. Reconciling these conditions at the required scale however is not yet possible with today’s technologies alone. So how do we overcome the current trade-offs? Where are technology and materials development helping, and how? In this masterclass we will bring forward some of the key areas where the boundaries of the possible are being pushed and share the direction of solutions. Scalability also becomes part of the discussion.

We invite you to join to discuss and explore the next steps!

  • Christian Schmidt (Sector Manager, Industrial Applications, VAT Group)
  • Tom Kammermeier (Lead Global Application Development Team Industrial Vacuum, Leybold)
  • Dr. Joseph Seungmin La (Head of Corporate Strategy & General Manager, Posco Europe)
  • Huib Simon (Head of Marketing, Tata Steel Europe)
  • Paul de Vries (General Manager Process Development Strip, Tata Steel Europe)

Statements of attendees

´I am proud to represent HyperloopTT, our partners and more than 800 global contributors at Hypermotion. The world needs sustainable high-speed transportation to reverse the climate crisis and protect future generations. Together, the hyperloop industry is changing the world.`

Andrés De León

´Excited to showcase the rapid growth of Zeleros's scalable hyperloop at Hypermotion 2021.`

´I am excited to be participating in the 2021 hyperloop conference, representing Virgin Hyperloop. Germany is on the cutting edge of technological development, so it’s only fitting that the country would host the 1st edition of this conference.`

Sarah Lawson

‘Transport demand is forecasted to more than double towards 2050, and current policies are insufficient to achieve Paris targets. To achieve Europe's mission to become climate-neutral, investment into future-proof transportation like hyperloop is imperative.’

Mars Geuze





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